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Video: Just What You've Been Waiting For: The Secret of Happiness---Revealed!

In our modern world almost everything we interact with has been shaped by an image that has been created over the years to ultimately sell us things. 'The American Dream' has become a warped manipulation... giving us the idea that somewhere, just over the horizon, is that perfect life we ordered.

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VIDEO: One Major Thing Keeping You From Your Spiritual Growth

Have you ever had your heart broken by a teacher? 

It goes something like this: you found someone inspiring, resonated with their message, and got incredibly excited about the possibilities for enlightenment and growth! Then, somewhere along the way, they said something that you didn’t agree with or made you incredibly uncomfortable. Or worse yet, you found out that there was some not-so-spiritual behavior going on behind the scenes.

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How the American Dream is Screwing Up Your Life.

Whether we like it and buy into it or not, we have been served a dream of what our lives should be like since we were young. And no matter what we consciously think about that dream, the programming is there. The great 'American Dream' is something else, it was dreamed up long ago and has since been painted in a light that no one's life can live up to. The more we compare ourselves against this dream, the less available we are to the beauty that is present in our lives.

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Been on a 'spiritual path' for a while now? It may be making you sick...

There is a terrific disconnect when it comes to some of the information out there that we have received from our favorite spiritual teachers. In fact, some of the messages we have been working so hard to integrate into our lives may actually have you fighting against your nature and making you sick- rather than healing and liberating you.

Posted on November 25, 2014 and filed under Spirituality.

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