Dreams Do Come True...Postcard From Peru!

I remember thirteen years ago in India saying to myself that all I wanted to do was travel. As my money began to run out I schemed ways I could support myself and travel at the same time. Ideas like bringing groups of spiritual tourists to India, creating a travel guide ~ some fliers even got made and distributed. I knew the life of working at something I hated for six months and traveling for the other six was not for me. I wanted something integrated. I wanted to be teaching, sharing and have that bring me around the world.

Four years later I would meet my beloved Martin ~ at the time he had a 9-5 job with two weeks off a year and I was just beginning to create Embody Tantra. I was hoping to build my work and reputation to a point where I would one day be able to travel with my work. I imagined us both teaching and traveling, but the harsh reality was that my dream didn't fit in with our current life and Martin loved his work and had no plans to make any changes. 

There came a moment when I had to stop fighting against what was true and embrace it. I mourned my dream and accepted that the man I had fallen in love with wasn't the man I could share those kinds of adventures with. 

Several years later, Martin was given an opportunity to make a life-shift and he took it. He began coaching men and taking a larger part of teaching the men within the Embody Tantra events as well. The 9-5 job fell away. 

And here I sit, amidst Inca ruins, my beloved by my side. (See pics scattered throughout this email!)

Together--because I've been invited to teach in some amazing places--we have traveled to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and now Peru. A dream come true.

I share this because the great turning point for me was embracing reality and letting my dream die, and somehow, in that surrender, the space was actually created for my dream to become reality. 

Dreams are powerful and important and yet if we abandon reality for our dreams we sometimes miss the ways in which the path is being paved for them to come true in a natural unfolding. 

Being in relationship with reality, even when it's challenging, opens the door for a new pathway to be created. Sometimes it's patience, sometimes magic, sometimes it's the very opening that comes which creates it. 

Another truth is this: dreams feel different when they come true then they did when we dreamed them. Allow yourself to be with them as they are rather than comparing life to what you had imagined. 

Here is an unconventional practice for you to try for making dreams come true:

  • Think of something you dream of.
  • What is the reality regarding where you are at in relationship to this dream?
  • Sit with that reality (yes, I know this can feel like a bummer).
  • Notice the sensations in your body when you 'meet' this reality.
  • Sit for at least five minutes becoming intimate with these sensations and allowing anything that wants to flow through you (grief, anger, numbness, etc.)
  • Now rest holding yourself like a child for a few minutes.

Lots of people talk about feeling and visioning the life you dream of... that is a powerful tool...and yet, coming at it from this angle, being in relationship with reality, allows the un-felt feelings that are lurking under the surface and holding your dreams at bay to move through. The sooner you accept, love and allow those sensations, the closer you are to a new reality.

Let me know how it goes!

Peppered through this email I have shared photos of me and my beloved living out what I dreamed more than thirteen years ago. :) If you would like to follow our Peru journey make sure we are friends on facebook! www.facebook.com/charumorgan.

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