Explore a Side of Yourself That Was Lost a Long Time Ago

The body knows. No matter how much positive thinking you do or how much awareness you have, you can't hide from what is being held in your body...

Some eye-opening comments have been showing up lately on the blog, like this one:

"I so identify with this story. This is the 2nd blog article I've read from this page and I see so much of my experience in your story. I have been intrigued by Charu's course for sometime, but I don't think I truly understood exactly what "Tantra" is or the expected outcome from taking the workshop. This blog definitely makes me feel encouraged that this is something I should consider pursuing. Thank you for your transparency and for sharing."

...and this:

"I can definitely relate to studying esoteric sciences, even the body/mindfulness practices of yoga asana, and still feeling disconnected from my body. Sometimes it feels like a very dark place that I'm afraid to navigate alone."

I'm struck by these comments because I know there are many of you out there who are in need of support when it comes to: 

  • Finding your voice 
  • Getting out of your head

  • Facing emotions that may be repressed or hidden

  • Being so hard on yourself it keeps you from truly enjoying your life

  • Discovering who you truly are as a sexual being, rather than who you think you should be.

My heart aches as I read comments like:

"Wow!! I so needed to read this now. I have dealt with these issues my whole life. I would love to finally get to a point in my life where I'm dealing with the negativity instead of pushing it aside. I have such a disconnect between my head and heart that I don't [know] which is which. I am hopeful that as I uncover more of these truths with the guidance of my counselor, that I begin to feel the long lasting changes that I seek."

Counseling and any form of analysis or cognitive therapy is amazing, and yet, it can only take you so far. I consistently work with clients who have done a tremendous amount of 'work' to understand themselves and in my humble opinion, 10 years of work tends to only equal about 2% improvement. (Yes, I made up that percentage, but it's an accurate demonstration of what I have seen).

Humans have been barking up the wrong tree for a LONG time. We have been working primarily with the conscious mind and barely touching the unconscious patterns that essentially dictate the majority of our behavior.

The body knows. No matter how much positive thinking you do or how much awareness you have, you can't hide from what is being held in your body.

I know for certain that if you are feeling a resonance with what you see in the blog entries, videos and emails that I share ~ there is something here for you.

The Awaken Weekend has the power to open doors that you cannot find through conscious thought, analysis or understanding. It can catapult you into a new landscape where you can engage with life from a totally new place.

A place where you are in alignment with yourself, a place where decision-making is easier, a place where you have the confidence to tackle 'problems' and, yes, a place where lovemaking is completely transformed.

If you have a 'yes' in your body to come to this event, MOVE MOUNTAINS TO BE THERE. It will rock you, disorient you and challenge you. And somewhere inside that process, you will touch something real. You will explore a side of yourself that was lost a long time ago. 

You will allow yourself to feel loved.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about whether this event is right for you. I'd be happy to answer them in our next blog or email.

You can still join our Awaken Weekend at the Early Bird rate!

Click here: www.TheAwakenWeekend.com

With love,


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