The truth about my relationship with Martin...

"I’ve been on edge and having strong mood swings...."

I’ve had a challenging week. I’ve been on edge and having strong mood swings. My behavior has created distance between my sweetheart and I. 

And, while I am SO very enlightened and can understand what isn’t working about the way I am showing up, I’ve been feeling hopelessly stuck in my pattern.

Yesterday, after a challenging exchange in the morning that triggered me in the most intense ways, I grabbed Martin for a quickie before our dinner plans. It wasn’t the most connected romp we’ve ever had. It won’t make it into the Tantric record books, but it gave us something. A shift in texture compared to what we had been feeling about one another.

Today, during the special time we have set aside for our partnership, Martin came to me with an opening and a warmth, he acknowledged that he knows I’ve been going through a difficult time. He offered to give to me:

“What can I do to support you? How do you want to be loved right now?”

I started crying immediately.

I just wanted him to hold me, to stroke my body with his warm hands and then to be as close to me as two humans can possibly be.

“I just want to feel every inch of your body next to mine…”

He gave to me in this way for hours. We fell in and out of sleep. I cried. We made love.

Something new was created outside of the pattern. 

Want to create a pattern-interrupt in your current relationship or in future relationships?


I wanted to hold a grudge from the argument we had yesterday, but I took a step towards him instead of punishing him. I don't know what Martin went through inside of himself in order to give to me in the way that he did. I'm sure it wasn’t easy for him and I know it wasn't easy for me, but it made way for us to connect in a way that we had both been longing for.

The one thing that has transformed our lives and opened up the possibility for us to truly receive what we are most desire in relationship is, Tantra

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