Something Has Changed Between Martin and Me...

"Just a few weeks ago we were so agitated with one another it seemed hard to remember what it even felt like to be connected." 

With our next Awaken Weekend coming up Aug 1/2, I wanted to re-share this article. I know it made a huge impact the first time I shared it and it inspired many people to join us on this Tantric journey....

 Just a few weeks ago we were so agitated with one another it seemed hard to remember what it even felt like to be connected. 

And today, love. Today, missing him when he's just gone to the coffee shop. Today, wishing I could spend all day in his arms. 

Today, new levels of lovemaking where my body is so open that I feel my entire being is melting into orgasm, into him. Somehow in my melting into the sweetness between us, his body is expanding too. I can feel waves of orgasm after orgasm rolling through him just from resting inside of me during a moment of stillness.

What changed? 

Honestly, it began several weeks ago at the Awaken Weekend

I have taught this weekend over twenty times and spent countless hours with each of the practices shared there. Martin and I have been using these practices within our partnership since we first participated in an event like this ten years ago. 

And even after all these years, Martin and I went on a new journey at this last weekend. That is how powerful these practices are. Moments of rage, moments of challenge, moments of sweetness, vulnerability and bliss made way for us to rediscover parts of our connection that had been lost in the recent challenges.

Just like magic.

It wasn't easy. It wasn't comfortable. But it was powerful and it allowed us to truly fall in love again, to see and respect one another, to open in places that felt dangerous, to thaw out where we had hardened inside ourselves and towards one another.

If after all these years together and with these same practices, we shifted this much from the weekend… just think about how amazing it could be for you.

We have another Awaken Weekend coming up in August. Things keep evolving with our programs to serve you even more. We have already established a powerful team of assistants and we have even created a new level of support for you! 

A role we are calling 'Sensitivity Support'. This team is made up of community members who have completed the 'Sensitivity Training'. They will act as mentors as well as give you loving feedback during practices to help you get the most out of your experience.

Here is all of the information:

Are you ready to fall in love again? Ready to discover something new inside yourself?

This is a great first step on your Tantra journey and there is no partner necessary ~ in fact over 80% of attendees come on their own.

You can learn more about The Awaken Weekend here & Register at the Early Bird rate!: 

Our bodies are capable of so much more than we understand or can imagine. The Awaken Weekend is a place where we can get the tools to open the body to its full potential.

I hope to see you there.

With love,


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