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Dreams Do Come True...Postcard From Peru!

I remember thirteen years ago in India saying to myself that all I wanted to do was travel. As my money began to run out I schemed ways I could support myself and travel at the same time. Ideas like bringing groups of spiritual tourists to India, creating a travel guide ~ some fliers even got made and distributed.

I knew the life of working at something I hated for six months and traveling for the other six was not for me. I wanted something integrated. I wanted to be teaching, sharing and have that bring me around the world.

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My First Orgasm

I experienced my first orgasm at fourteen years old by accident, in the bathtub.

Just a few weeks before my boyfriend, Kirk, had asked me if I touched myself. He wanted to know what I liked so he could give it to me (how freakin' amazing is that for a fourteen year old boy? I have much to thank him for, but that's another story). I remember telling him that there was no reason to touch myself because pleasure would only feel good if he gave it to me.

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Anger and Orgasm

When was the last time you got really angry? I mean total fury pulsing through your veins? The kind of anger where you feel like a switch flips inside of you and although you know enough to not hurt anyone, that animal part of you that wants to hurt someone wants to gets activated? 

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