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[VIDEO] Men: Want to get her wet?

It's hard to know what you can do for your woman to support her in opening. Sometimes it's clear that you both want to make love, but stress has her mind in other places. That stress may be keeping her from getting wet ~ even though she genuinely wants to connect with you.

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Men: Every time you enter her, consider this...

Men: What are you looking for when you have sex with a woman? Pleasure? Release? An ego boost? An orgasm? What is it that drives you sexually?

When a woman opens her legs to you, whether she even knows it or not, she is sharing a part of herself with you.

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Men: She will be in awe of you...

Martin and I are back with another tip that can take your lovemaking to the next level of fulfillment for both you and your partner.

This video dives right in with a question that may shock her.

Hint: most women have NEVER been asked this...

...and she WANTS to be asked.

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Men: A deceptively simple tip to give her more pleasure...

I see men make this mistake ALL THE TIME. It's super-simple to shift and it can make a huge difference. 

Most men miss this elementary step and it can ruin countless opportunities to connect more deeply. A deep connection that a woman can trust is essential for you to create great lovemaking together. 

Posted on February 24, 2015 .

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Video: When things get awkward in the bedroom...

You know that moment when you're kissing and cuddling or deep into foreplay and something just goes sour? Maybe you can tell that your partner isn't really 'here' with you or you're worrying about not being aroused or thoughts wander to your 'to do' list or even to that episode of Game of Thrones. Once you notice something is off, you have a couple of choices; get offended and shut down, just decide it's not the right time or keep going pretending nothing is wrong...

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