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How the American Dream is Screwing Up Your Life.

Whether we like it and buy into it or not, we have been served a dream of what our lives should be like since we were young. And no matter what we consciously think about that dream, the programming is there. The great 'American Dream' is something else, it was dreamed up long ago and has since been painted in a light that no one's life can live up to. The more we compare ourselves against this dream, the less available we are to the beauty that is present in our lives.

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Anger and Orgasm

When was the last time you got really angry? I mean total fury pulsing through your veins? The kind of anger where you feel like a switch flips inside of you and although you know enough to not hurt anyone, that animal part of you that wants to hurt someone wants to gets activated? 

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“What does it mean to feel whole?”

      For many of us, it can take a while to even realize just how fragmented we are. We, as humans, have come so very far from our nature, we are so immersed in disconnect, it is so familiar to us that it may even feel more ‘normal’ than the truth.

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