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Understanding Lovemaking through Music

Sutra 41 . Vighyan Bhairav Tantra "While listening to stringed instruments, hear their composite central sounds; thus omnipresence."

While the meditation on it's own may not sound very sexy, the outcome of an evening dedicated to re-sensitizing to the essence of sound may introduce you to a new way of making love.

There is a point, while listening, when the outer music becomes an inner music...a simple act becomes a meditation.

How have you been listening?

Have you been turning to your music as a drug, a sedative? Hoping that the tune would transport you away from the pain? Away from the mundane of everyday life? Has your music been an escape? How have you been making love?

Has your lovemaking been an attempt to fill your lonliness? Has it been an opportunity to chase the intense sensation of orgasm? Have you used it for stress release? Manipulation? Amunition for blame about one thing or another?

Have you missed the meditation? The inner music? The resonance with life that lovemaking has offered you? Have you railroaded past the heart of lovemaking where two beings meet and the divine is effortlessly revealed?

"While listening to stringed instruments, hear their composite central sounds; thus omnipresence."

Tomorrow night, Jan 7, in the Tantra Life class we will explore several meditations to re-sensitize you to your body, to those around you, and to the richness of the moment. From this space of renewed sensitivity, allow the music to touch you like a lover, to gently invite your rememberance of the simple pleasure that is available to you in every moment.

Leave with a new understanding of music and of possibilities in loving.

Looking forward to seeing you there. See details below.

in love, Charu Tantra Life! Wednesdays Jan 7- Feb 18 (skipping Jan 28) 7:30-9pm / $30 per person @ Sacred Energy Arts 220 Pier Ave Santa Monica CA 90405 *pre-registration is not necessary Tantra is a powerful path of meditation which focuses on bringing awareness and presence to the body

Learning to integrate Tantra and live a Tantra Life is a process of surrender. That process is facilitated by the meditations. Practicing them on your own is a part of it, and gathering together to immerse ourselves in the essence of who we are is a sure-fire way to accelerate the process....not to mention how fun and delicious it feels.

This weekly class is my offering to you, a chance to spend at least an hour and a half a week immersed in Tantra. I invite you to leave your mind at the door and allow this to be your vacation from your life as you know it. A place where you can allow yourself to be surprised by the possibilities and experience yourself fully as we explore one of the 112 Tantric meditations.

*all classes are fully clothed with no sexual contact

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