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International 'Take Care of Yourself' Month: June

On my birthday last year, I made a new year's resolution... I decided to give myself anything that I wanted in regards to taking great care of myself (even if it felt indulgent)...I realized that for a long time that no matter how much more money I was bringing in,

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How to Unlock Your Potential for Pleasure

FREE Teleclass for Women

When: Friday, July 10th 1pm PST/ 2pm MST/ 4pm EST

How to Unlock Your Potential for Pleasure OVERNIGHT and Re-discover Richness & Passion in Your Relationship to Yourself, Your Loved Ones & Your Life!

As many of you know, I have dedicated my life to the study and practice of Tantra. I have seen the Tantric practices simply, almost magically transform the lives and relationships of many, many people. You will learn the tools that have been practiced for thousands of years to simply and effectively tune into the deep wisdom of the body and effortlessly allow that wisdom to become a guiding force in your life. On the 75-minute call, you’ll discover:

* The exact tools you can use immediately to clear blocks in your body and awaken a flow of orgasmic energy accessible to you in EVERY moment….in just one Tantra session I have seen these tools; save couples relationships, free women from pain or numbness during intercourse, shift body-image issues, and literally awaken the beauty in every woman I have shared them with.

* How these practices will easily break through deep-rooted habitual patterns – in a way that will integrate shifts and changes into your life immediately – something that many therapists & healers are unaware of

* How to uncover an inner wisdom that has been all but lost in our modern culture. Yes, right now you have untapped information you aren’t even aware of…After this call, you’ll know what reveals this wisdom and how to live with ease, heal your body and have better sex by ‘tuning in’ to it.

* How to move beyond your limited experience of pleasure. Even if you are sexually savvy or you are having great sex, what is possible within your body is rarely understood or experienced in our modern times

* The very best part of unlocking your potential for pleasure has very little to do with the great sex you will be having- that is the gravy – the best part is the fulfillment, the confidence, the aliveness and the love you experience within yourself

In love, Charu

How to Register

Space is limited for the “How to Unlock Your Potential for Pleasure OVERNIGHT and Re-discover Richness & Passion in Your Relationship to Yourself, Your Loved Ones & Your Life!” teleseminar so register by clicking this link now:

PS– This call could be a turning point in your life – the moment you release who you think you should be and wake up to the woman that you are.

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How Do You Rejuvenate?

Hi Friends,

In this crazy life what are you doing to nourish yourself? How do you rejuvenate your body? Reconnect with your partner?

I know I keep saying it, but for me it is Tantra that keeps me sane and brings me back home to my body. The truth is, that whenever my mind is in charge I feel rather nutty and everything from making decisions to being close to my beloved feels strange and disconnected.

Tantra gives me the courage to say 'yes' to whatever each moment brings and ground me in simple truth. Thank goodness! ;)

I hope to see you all tonight at the Tantra Life! class. There are only two more Tantra Life classes, this week and next. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how Tantra can bring a state of ease, relaxation and sensuality back into your life and relationships.

Hope to see you there!

in love,

Tantra Life!
Tuesdays . 7:30-9pm
$30 per person
Culver City . email us for address

Tantra is a powerful path of meditation which focuses on bringing awareness and presence to the body

Learning to integrate Tantra and live a Tantra Life is a process of surrender. That process is facilitated by the meditations. Practicing them on your own is a part of it, and gathering together to immerse ourselves in the essence of who we are is a sure-fire way to accelerate the process....not to mention how fun and delicious it feels.

This weekly class is my offering to you, a chance to spend at least an hour and a half a week immersed in Tantra. I invite you to leave your mind at the door and allow this to be your vacation from your life as you know it. A place where you can allow yourself to be surprised by the possibilities and experience yourself fully.

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Tantric Tip #1

The Tantrika Recommends: Part of living a Tantric life means taking care of yourself in every way. Learning to use your body as a conduit for allowing energy and pleasure to flow through. There are so many ways you can choose to support of the ways that I do it is through a regular yoga practice and bodywork.

I can't say enough good things about Matthew Cohen, founder of Sacred Energy Arts in Santa Monica I go to his Tuesday and Thursday morning yoga and I can feel my body getting stronger. Because his studio is small you don't get lost among hundreds of people in class and you get to experience that lost art of the teacher actually supporting you in finding the deepest stretch and best alignment for your body.

I also recently had a massage/bodywork session with him. He supported me in unlocking parts of my body that I cannot stretch on my own, releasing some emotional trauma that I have been holding onto in my body and re-connecting with a freedom and flow...seriously good stuff!

I feel like Matthew's studio is one of the best kept secrets in LA...he is a true teacher able to support very real transformation.

Come and join me for Yoga or book a session with him... 310.403.3124 /

**Matthew has agreed to extend an offer to my students to come to their first Yoga class FREE! AND for $50 off your first bodywork session with him!** (just let him know that you heard it here and redeem the offer by mid-october 2008 ) 8)

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

in love,


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