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What is Tantra? 'Asking for what I need....' ~ By Nicole

In the past [when I would sexually connect with a partner] I would will my body to meet my partner, regardless of my state of readiness. If I didn’t step it up the moment of passion would surely be lost, or so I thought. I submitted to the circumstances not vocalizing my needs, allowing my partners to gloss over my feedback, and believing it was my duty to take one for the team.

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VIDEO: How To Have An Orgasm the Moment He Enters You

Women, let’s be honest. It can become almost stressful to think about orgasm. Did I have one? Should I fake since it’s not happening? Why isn’t he doing that thing that works for me?  What if you could shift this? What if you could step out of that powerless feeling of wondering if your body will do what you want it to and if he will do what works for you?

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