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THIS WEEK: Study with MY Teachers!

I am so thrilled to announce that there are several opportunities for you to be exposed to different faces of Tantra this week and next through some very special teachers who have influenced my life and path! 1. TONIGHT: TANTRA EXPERIENCE with Dawn Cartwright 7:30pm

If you have not already made it to one of Dawn Cartwright's classes now is your chance. Dawn's authenticity and dedication to Tantra is a consistent inspiration to me. Rarely does one get to meet and work with a teacher who is so dedicated to living her teaching. After attending my first class with Dawn my entire life changed. Through working with her I have created a powerful relationship, discovered my life's purpose, and I have learned to allow and embody a natural state of pleasure that few will ever touch.


In my opinion, Psalm Isadora is a rare gift in the world of Yoga. She brings in a blend of Yoga Asana, Breathwork, Tantric Practices and Sufi work. With Psalms support I was able to see the limitations in my body and my life which I had become quite attached to. I was certain that to go beyond these limitations would be to hurt myself in some way. With her unrelenting strength, passion and drive she guided me to meet and move beyond my decided limitations. This has resulted in long-time habitual self-destructive patterns releasing completely and a body which is strong, flexible and completely pain-free.


It is difficult to put into words what I have received from Bernie Prior. He is a true Tantric Master and his words resonate deep inside of me. He is in Los Angeles only once a year and I hope you will join me at one of his upcoming lectures. Pre-registration is not necessary. All talks are $20.

Tuesday April 21st 7:30pm The Stone Residence 18 Ozone Ave, Venice, CA *bring a pillow and blanket to sit on

Thursday April 23rd 7:30pm The Riskin Residence 3675 Wasatch Ave, LA, CA *bring a pillow and blanket to sit on

Friday April 24th 7:30pm The Bodhi Tree Bookstore 8585 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA

Hope to see you all there! So glad to share with you the teachers who have touched my life.

in love,


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Tantric Tip #1

The Tantrika Recommends: Part of living a Tantric life means taking care of yourself in every way. Learning to use your body as a conduit for allowing energy and pleasure to flow through. There are so many ways you can choose to support of the ways that I do it is through a regular yoga practice and bodywork.

I can't say enough good things about Matthew Cohen, founder of Sacred Energy Arts in Santa Monica I go to his Tuesday and Thursday morning yoga and I can feel my body getting stronger. Because his studio is small you don't get lost among hundreds of people in class and you get to experience that lost art of the teacher actually supporting you in finding the deepest stretch and best alignment for your body.

I also recently had a massage/bodywork session with him. He supported me in unlocking parts of my body that I cannot stretch on my own, releasing some emotional trauma that I have been holding onto in my body and re-connecting with a freedom and flow...seriously good stuff!

I feel like Matthew's studio is one of the best kept secrets in LA...he is a true teacher able to support very real transformation.

Come and join me for Yoga or book a session with him... 310.403.3124 /

**Matthew has agreed to extend an offer to my students to come to their first Yoga class FREE! AND for $50 off your first bodywork session with him!** (just let him know that you heard it here and redeem the offer by mid-october 2008 ) 8)

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

in love,


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