The #1 Cause of Unhappiness and Sexual Disconnect

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“I spent eight years studying, and practicing esoteric teaching and wisdom only to realize that I was living life from the nose up...I didn’t realize it until I went to to [The Awaken Weekend] Level 1 and had an opening that I had been cut off from feeling for all those years..." ~ Barry  

You may not even realize that you are doing this. It           might not make sense or ring a bell, but I have found it to        be one of the number one causes of unhappiness and     sexual disconnect in our modern culture. Especially for those of us who are focused on ‘self-development’ and/or spirituality.

 I lived for years believing that I was more likely to have a      fulfilling and happy life if I focused only on the positive. The ‘high vibration’. And it was killing me slowly. I had no idea that my system was unconsciously holding all of the gunk that I had labeled ‘bad’ and ‘low vibration’. By holding it in the dark I was exhausting myself and actually calling the experiences I wanted to avoid right to me.

In Tantra, we learn to be in relationship with life. With reality. With all of the sensations that move through our human body. We respect them the way we would respect the seasons. Every season is necessary and part of a natural cycle.

We have betrayed our natural cycles as human beings again and again.

Tantra invites us to embrace those cycles and to rediscover how organic evolution can be. You cannot ‘think’ your way to a breakthrough, no matter how smart you are or how hard you try.

It’s only when we return to the body, when we awaken sleeping parts of ourselves, when we accept our darkness, negativity, and yes, even hate, that we can begin to feel fully alive again as Barry suggests in his quote above.

Barry has just completed the Sensitivity Training, a module of the Embody Tantra Teacher Training. You can read Barry's blog here. I know you have been enjoying hearing from members of the community about their personal insights.

Barry’s journey began at the Level 1, Awaken Weekend. If you are ready to begin your journey, our next Awaken Weekend is coming up Aug 1&2 in Los Angeles. I would love to introduce you to this incredible path.

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