Video: How to Throb With Pleasure All Over...

Pleasure is something we all long for and beyond just feeling good it is a gateway to something that all meditation practitioners, self-help junkies (you know who you are) ;) and enlightenment seekers are searching for... the present moment. 

The problem is that because of our life experiences many of us have numbed out to protect ourselves. Even if we can touch some kind of peace in our quiet meditations, we may notice that we are not experiencing what we truly long for in our lovemaking and intimate relationships. 

This can show up as: not wanting to make love as often as our partner does, feeling like we take too long to orgasm, feeling like we won't satisfy our partner, not experiencing orgasm at all, feeling like we are not on the same page as our lover... or maybe even just plain feeling like pleasure is something we don't have time for and we don't know how to get to--whether we are in partnership or not.

In this video I will share with you a simple practice that anyone can do by taking just 10-15 minutes before bed. It's sensual, it's fun and it can completely change your relationship with pleasure. 

In fact, I just shared this practice with the group I was teaching in Peru and here's what one of the participants experienced: 

"Through the practice that Charu taught us, I noticed that I'm always picking at myself instead of touching myself  lovingly, it is a huge metaphor for what goes on in my head... and it was a huge realization that helped me immensely. I can see how more gentle thoughts and a loving outlook towards myself is making way for me to not only experience more pleasure, but also to genuinely transform my life." ~ Carrie Jackson 

It's the very same practice where I realized that I could orgasm just from a soft touch of fingertips on my cheeks or in the palm of my hand... I'm not kidding or bragging. Your body is made for pleasure. This pleasure can soften the body and allow for more of you to be in relationship with the present moment and the world all around you. Most of us have just forgotten how to allow for this kind of awakening. 

That's why I love Tantra. 

I dare you to give this a try and leave a comment to let us know how it goes.

With love, 

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