Video: Just What You've Been Waiting For: The Secret of Happiness---Revealed!

In our modern world almost everything we interact with has been shaped by an image that has been created over the years to ultimately sell us things. 'The American Dream' has become a warped manipulation... giving us the idea that somewhere, just over the horizon, is that perfect life we ordered. All it takes is for us to loose a few pounds by eating 'Special K', look younger by using 'Estee Lauder face cream' or work harder so we can finally purchase that dream home we've been fantasizing about since we were a kid.

This has caused us to compare everything in our lives against an image of 'happy' that is completely and totally made up. The fact that it's made up doesn't matter because we continue to compare ourselves against it and that comparison causes us pain, malaise and keeps us from actually experiencing the moments of joy that do come our way.

In this video I share a the Tantric secret to happiness. It's not airbrushed to perfection and it might even land as harsh or challenging... getting real is part of discovering happiness. In fact, it's essential.

Understanding the piece that I share in this video gave me a deep relaxation. It was such a relief to unhook from the striving for a happiness I could never reach. Now, without expectation, I am actually sensitive enough to feel the joy that IS here.

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