VIDEO: Ladies: How to Get Your Man To Change...

Ladies ~ you are never gonna believe this....

There is GOLD in that thing you wish would change about your partner. There is a reason that thing he does bothers you. There is a wisdom to the challenge you feel when he behaves a certain way.

In this video I share with you exactly what you need to do in order to receive that gold, rather than creating more distance in your partnership...either because you are shutting down or because you try to 'fix' him and he pulls away. 

While I did choose the title to be provocative, I am genuinely sharing a technique that has the power to shift a dynamic that has been keeping you both stuck.

Even the more 'enlightened' story, which many of us have, that 'it's not about him, I have to take responsibility for myself' is potentially getting in the way of intimacy. Sometimes when we take this one on we are simply shifting the tension and pressure from on our partner, to ourselves. 

I'm so interested to hear what you think and how this changes your experience with your man. Please share in the comments section and shoot us an email if you have questions you would like to see answered in future videos.

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