Video: The Most Unlikely Choice in an Uncomfortable Situation...

We have been sold so many concepts about love and light and being loving in every moment, to every person... unfortunately, when this idea isn't understood or integrated we become even more disconnected. Learning a 'behavior' that indicates we are loving, rather than actually being loving or experiencing love.

The truth about our capacity to experience more love is complex. In many ways, the first step is to recognize how we really feel in any given situation and put up a boundary to honor ourselves so we can stay open. And, there is something beyond that, this video addresses a 'next step'. I am introducing an advanced concept that is a razors edge exploration.

What does it really mean to stay open and loving even when we are faced with a person, behavior or situation that we have pre-determined doesn't work for us? Is it possible? Is it possible to do without abandoning ourselves?

I believe the answer is 'yes'. I have experienced profound love in the most unlikely situations. In fact, it is those very situations that taught me love may not be what I think it may not be limited to how I have defined it.

I actually hesitated to share this video because it could be easily misunderstood, please know this is about opening to a new level NOT about allowing yourself to be treated poorly or do something that isn't right for you.

I look forward to hearing how this lands for you. Please share your comments and questions! 

in love, 

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