VIDEO: One Major Thing Keeping You From Your Spiritual Growth

Have you ever had your heart broken by a teacher? 

It goes something like this: you found someone inspiring, resonated with their message, and got incredibly excited about the possibilities for enlightenment and growth! Then, somewhere along the way, they said something that you didn’t agree with or made you incredibly uncomfortable. Or worse yet, you found out that there was some not-so-spiritual behavior going on behind the scenes. Sometimes it can feel like we’re living through an epidemic of gurus who fall from grace. 

If you’ve been there and you’re still reading this message, then you’re a person who is searching for spiritual growth in spite of feeling that betrayal. The problem is, the disappointment and wariness that remains after that kind of experience can create a dynamic that might be holding you back from the deepening you truly desire. 

In this video, I talk about the most important thing you can do to make sure that you’ve found the right teacher for you, and can finally break through to that next level that has felt just out of reach for you.

You so need to watch this video if:

• You’re tired of jumping from one teacher to the next and still not feeling the breakthrough you long for. 
• You’re curious about how to maintain your power in a teacher-student relationship. 
• You sometimes feel like you could never trust another teacher. 
• You want to feel like you can trust your intuition again.

I’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve watched this!

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