VIDEO - Where is your tender heart?

You know that feeling, that shameful feeling when someone you love is angry with you, triggered by something you’ve done. Your body turns rigid, maybe gets hot or cold, your jaw gets tight...sometimes you are even holding back tears.

They have misunderstood you. It’s not your fault. You were doing your best…

As you grasp to describe this to them, things start to get worse. They get more upset. You try hard to explain why they don’t understand and how you didn’t mean it how they took it, but it’s not working. You both feel like shit.

And somewhere, lingering beyond the defense you are putting up, you are scared. Scared that maybe they are right. Scared that they might take their hurt and shut down to you forever. Scared you might lose them.

In this video I share a way through this that is more than just a communication technique. A way to completely shift the dynamic and allow the love to come through. It’s the secret to going deeper over time, in partnership and in friendship, rather than simply shutting down parts of ourselves that somehow don’t fit into the relationship and waking up years later wondering how we got so disconnected.

This isn’t the easiest way, but in my experience, it is the most effective for authentic reconnection in challenging moments.

Be sure to leave comments or questions beneath the video. I can’t wait to hear how this goes when you begin to experiment with it.

 With Love,


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