What your body needs to experience more pleasure...

The most incredible lovemaking they ever experienced...

I was working with a couple recently who had been fighting and feeling disconnected. They wanted to talk to work out the details of the challenges they have been having...and they wanted to learn techniques that would make sex better for both of them.

They were surprised when I had them do a series of exercises that looked like they might have been created for children. Moving around, jumping up and down, breathing in strange ways.

I could feel their skepticism, but to their credit, they kept going.

After about 20 minutes of this process of 'thawing out' I guided them to make eye contact, slow down, synchronize their breathing, and then to embrace.

I could feel their love for one another it was so palpable.

When they came back for their next session, they told me that in the moments of eye contact when their bodies had cleared some of the tension, they felt like they were seeing each other for the first time.

They then told me that when they went home that evening, they had the most incredible lovemaking they had ever shared.

Why was this?

Through the exercises, they had released the tension they had been carrying in their bodies for so long.

This is the same kind of tension has made many of us numb.

This tension has limited what we allow ourselves to experience.

This tension disconnects us from those we love.

This tension has created patterns in our body that continue to create more tension and disconnect.

For a modern practitioner of Tantra, the first order of business is clearing this layer of tension.

A truly great Tantric lover is dedicated to consistently unwinding the tensions of daily life so they can tune in to this subtlety. It opens up a listening where your body can 'hear' what it needs in order to open more and what your lover needs in order to go deeper.

Remember, I didn't teach this couple any lovemaking techniques. Their incredible lovemaking arose from the connection that was made possible after releasing the tension from their bodies.

It can be that simple.

If you are interested in embarking on your own journey to tune into this level of sensitivity, I encourage you to join us for an upcoming Tantric Taster in Los Angeles

If you are not local, or if you're ready for more than just a taste, you can dive into our Level 1 Awaken Weekend (people fly from around the world for this weekend immersion!) 

It begins when you make a choice to melt the tension.

I look forward to supporting you in discovering this for yourself.

With love,


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