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Don't Take Advice From That Indignant Little Girl...

The other day I got a BIG wake-up call. Martin and I were receiving support around our challenges (FYI common relationship mistake #1: thinking you have to do this alone... having someone hold the space for you to break through and go deeper is such a relief and at times a necessity ~ it does not make you weak). 

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Love in Real Relationships

These days, when I sit down to write this article for you, I am always amazed at just how much has past and how many things I have to share with you.

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Everybody Hurts...

I spent almost all day Friday in bed crying.


It was excruciating, it was wonderful.

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What is Tantric Lovemaking? (Part I)

What does ‘Tantric Sex’ mean exactly?

The fact that you’re reading this post means it’s likely you have some desire or curiosity to begin to experience a greater connection to your body.

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To Every Woman Who Has Loved A Man Who 'Could Not Get It Up'...

Recently I had a conversation with a beautiful client of mine. She is a very powerful, conscious woman who is devoted to her spiritual path and is now in a rich and powerful partnership with a man she loves. Everything in their relationship is rich and in alignment. Their visions, intentions, goals, work, priorities.... only thing off is the sex.

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Embody Tantra's Upcoming Events & Notes from Our Intimacy Experience

Wow! What a month! It was such an blessing to teach beside two of the teachers who have influenced my life so profoundly and then to guide 20 beautiful people, dedicated to awakening to more love through my Intimacy Experience Immersion (which took place at the beautiful Udaya Retreat center pictured above). Both events not only opened a powerful space for transformation for the participants, but they also opened me to a whole new world of loving and being loved.

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Redefining Intimate Relationship: Charu + John Gray + 21 More Experts Help YOU!

Beloved Community, I am so excited to announce that I will be interviewed as a part of a very powerful series called, 'Love on Purpose'. I will be speaking alongside several powerful and acclaimed experts including John Gray of 'Men Are From Mars...' and Marci Schimoff one of the featured teachers in the move 'The Secret'.

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