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Meet Charu

My whole life I had unconsciously been integrating sexuality and spirituality until one day I found out that it had a name, Tantra.

At sixteen I bought my first book on integrating sexuality and meditation called ‘Cultivating Female Sexual Energy’ by Mantak Chia. At that point I had never had sex, and the little I had read about it was from very dry books that I had found at the local library and scanned mischievously with a few friends in dark corners and from various articles in Cosmopolitan magazine. This book was different. To me, this book was magical. It spoke about how a woman could activate her sexual energy through meditation and channel it through her body. I covered it like a textbook and although I did not understand most of it, I knew it was important and I began to experiment with the circulation of energy in my own body in the ways that the book suggested. 

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Meet Kamali Minter

Your Level 1 Tantra Guide

I'm excited about being a guide for others interested in the Tantric path, because of the profound transformation it has facilitated in my own life. I've done a lot of personal development work over the years, which helped me gain an understanding of myself and the world around me. But when Tantra crossed my path I began to have an embodied experience of what I had previously only understood mentally.  It got me out of my head and into my body, which allowed me to experience a new level of intimacy, presence, and pleasure in day to day life.  It's like having super powers, because I finally have tools that help me meet whatever life brings my way and use it for my continued expansion. Which is like being able to turn cryptonite into rocket fuel. Helping others discover the magic available through this work, feels like a great way to use my powers in service of the greater good.


Kamali’s Official Bio:

Kamali's passionate about healing through art, movement, breath, and sound. She fuses her knowledge of Tantra, Taoism, Reiki, Relationship Coaching, Vedic meditation, and filmmaking, to create opportunities for us to experience the Love that we are. She is the first Embody Tantra certified teacher, a trained Reiki Master, and Sacred Feminine facilitator through Tao Tantric Arts and the Universal Tao. Her approach to healing is about making ancient wisdom relevant to our modern lives by guiding practices that have been used for thousands of years to reach enlightened states, in ways that are accessible and fun.


Meet Heather Brown


Heather is our Manager here at Embody Tantra. Her 10+ years of experience working with startups, entrepreneurs and celebrities help her ‘keep the trains running on time!’ Heather works directly alongside Charu in many aspects of the business, helping Embody Tantra grow to its fullest potential through strategy, development, staff management and providing the highest level of customer support.


Heather is also a Healer & Spiritual Coach, helping busy entrepreneurs and business owners recover from the health issues & stress they go through from running their own businesses Learn more at


Meet Jamie Givens

Customer Care

Jamie heads up the Customer Care for Embody Tantra. She is thrilled to be working alongside Charu, Heather, and Kamali while helping promote and encourage the growth of the Tantra community. Jamie is the first one you will speak to when you reach out to Embody Tantra via phone or email and when she’s not answering your call she is organizing events and providing operational support for all areas of Embody Tantra!

Jamie is passionate for healing on all levels. She is a certified BodyTalk practitioner and believes in the importance of connecting the mind and the body.  Beyond her work in the healing arts, she is proud to also be a full-time wife and mother!