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Mini-Intensives with Charu:

*Special Valentine's Mini-Intensives*

Mini-Intensives are 3-Hours in length and take place in Culver City, CA

Mini-Intensives are $1,050 *Book BEFORE Valentine's Day for the special rate of $750 ($300 off!)

Valentine's Day is a great time to take a moment and feel into where you are in your life, your partnership and your relationship to your sexuality.

Is it enough for you?

Are you satisfied with where you are?

Are you enjoying lovemaking and connection in your life?

Or Have you set your sexuality aside and allowed other things to become more important?
This could be the moment for you to re-prioritize your connection to your sexual aliveness

(whether or not you are in partnership right now).
Everything in our life changes when we are fueled by a vibrant connection to our sex.
I've opened up several slots to work with me privately in LA this Valentine's season.

“The way we have sex has completely changed. It's gone from something that felt very goal-oriented and at times effortful to something that immediately brings us into the present, connects us on a very deep level, relaxes us, and is pleasurable THE WHOLE TIME.”
~ Kim G.

Available Times:


*All Mini-Intensives are 3 hours in length + take place in Culver City, CA.
Mini Intensives are $1,050. 
Book before Valentines for the special rate of $750 ($300 off!)
Feb 14th 1:30pm (BOOKED) OR 6pm (BOOKED)
Feb 15th 3pm (on hold) OR 7pm
Feb 20th 10am (BOOKED) OR 2:30pm (BOOKED)
Feb 21st 10am OR 7pm (on hold)
*Slots will be given on a first-come first-served basis.
*If you are interested in one of these sessions, please reply to this email with your top 3 choices for times (you can include slots that are 'on hold' as they may become available) and we will get back to you to confirm your session time and with a payment link.

Each session will be a mini-intensive where we will focus on a gentle, loving, sweet, sensual connection ~ either between you and your partner (if you're coming as a couple) or within your own body (for singles).

"When we made love, it was such an amazingly FULL body experience for me... so amazed by the deeply arousing experience. Together we discovered something totally new. He held himself so long and discovered a new way to create long lasting pleasure for himself. I felt soooooo incredibly loved as we gently rocked and pulsated our way to what was for me multiple rippling orgasms over the space of 30 minutes. I feel like my cells are being rejuvenated.” ~ In Gratitude, Sophie

What happens in an Intensive?


Intensives are wonderful for both individuals and couples. There is so much important work and self-evolution that can happen when we do not have a partner and it's exciting to do this work when we are on our own. It's also a great way to reconnect with a partner or just go deeper with the connection you already share!

1. Landing Meditation ~ When you arrive the first thing I do is lead you through a simple meditation to get you reconnected to yourself, let go of expectations and get some space from anything that may be pulling at your attention and may keep you from being fully present to the session.
2. In depth check-in ~ We then take some time to check in with what your personal goals are for the session. What drew you to Tantra? What do you desire to walk away from this session with? How would you like your life to shift as a result of doing this work? The more you are able to share with me about your personal desires, the more I am able to feel which practices will be most right for your body. This is also where I will be using my 6th sense to get a feel for where there may be some obstructions in your body that have created patterns and social behaviors that may be holding you back from experiencing the love and sexual connection you truly desire.
3. Active Practice ~ After our check-in I will choose from hundreds of practices based on what you have shared and my personal observations of you. The practices will include breath, movement, sound and sometimes guided visualization. Some things will be wild and silly if that is what is needed, some things will be very gentle and quiet. The tone of the session and the practices we do is completely based on you personally and tailored to your needs. Our modern bodies are so bogged down with tension, we often need something very activating in order to release some of the habitual tension to be able to truly feel our own bodies and have more sensitivity to pleasure.
4. Gentle Practice ~ Sometimes after our active practice the body is more sensitive and ready for a gentle and subtle practice that will enhance and deepen the work. This will employ the same tools of breath, movement, sound and guided visualization, but they will be used in a very different way. Here we may begin to incorporate breathing with a movement which will allow you to start integrating feelings of sensitivity and aliveness in new ways. Sexual energy can be cultivated here, releasing us from our previous ideas of what sex is supposed to be or look like and waking up to new possibilities for experiencing pleasure in your own body and with a lover.
5. Integration ~ We always have a time of resting to allow the body to integrate the shifts we have made. This is similar to Savasana in a yoga class. It will be nourishing and will allow for a body-memory of what has happened in our session.
6. Home-Play ~ For every session, I will always include detailed home-play assignments for you to continue this work at home. This will include a simple daily or weekly practice that is maybe 5-15 minutes a day, as well as a longer practice for when you can set aside more time. 
For couples home-play will include practices to do together as well as when you are on your own. There will be very specific practices for creating sensual reconnection and alignment.
I hope this helps you to make a decision as to whether a session would be right for you! :)

The Embody Tantra family is always here for you if you have questions!
Very much looking forward to working with those of you who feel called! :D


What are people receiving from these intensives?

I have done several of these 3 hour intensives over the last several months and here is the kind of feedback I am getting (I figured hearing some stories of results may help even more than knowing the exact format):

From Couples...

My husband has learned to listen to my body in new ways.

“L.. and I had been together for so long, we started very young and now both of the kids are in college, over time we had drifted apart. Our partnership was so rich in so many ways, and I LOVED having him as my partner, but we were just not connected sexually. For a while I thought I just didn’t have any desire anymore… until I met someone else and had an affair (I’m not proud of this, but it’s the truth of my story). Before starting the work with Charu, I had ended the affair and I knew I wanted to choose my husband, but I also knew that I was no longer willing to feel sexually numb. I wanted passion and I wanted it with the man I love.

After just one session with Charu we were able to connect in a way that we hadn’t in years. She promised us that she would help our love express through our intimacy and sexual connection and that it could be even more powerful and deeper than what I had with my lover. She was right. Without being too graphic, I didn’t know my body could open in that way. It was both tender and passionate. My husband has learned to listen to my body in new ways. Most importantly, we are both feeling connected and sexually alive again. ~ K.B.

Our sexual connection is like nothing either of us have ever experienced before.

We started our Tantra journey at the beginning of our partnership. We had both made choices in the past around sex that were less than nurturing to ourselves and maybe our partners too… we knew we wanted to do it differently with each other.

Enter Charu. She gifted us with a completely new language. An inner language so we could connect to ourselves and listen to our own bodies and that changed how we related to each other. I am completely convinced that the foundation of this relationship has been built with power, clarity, and intimacy that would not have been possible without these practices. Our sexual connection is like nothing either of us have ever experienced before. Is it too cheesy to say I feel like I was blind and now I can see? It’s exciting and rich. We are excited to dive into anything that Charu creates! ~ M.R.

...We found our session with Charu was the perfect thing for us.

"My husband and I have been together for a LONG TIME... We wanted to reconnect and we found our session with Charu to be the perfect thing for us. It was such a sweet new way to connect and I can see how what we learned will continue to help us new ways." ~ Pamela

From Individuals...

(You don't have to have a partner, or bring your partner to the session to have a powerful experience)

"I came to this session because I felt confident about foreplay, but (and now you know why I won't sign my name at the bottom of this) I always ejaculated before I would like to when I was with a lover. Charu gave me some practices to move energy in my body and become comfortable with more intensity. I could tell this was exactly what I was looking for. It's been several weeks and I have been doing the practices, I can feel that my relationship to arousal is changing. I am able to create a more expansive feeling, rather than being taken over by the sensation and orgasming right away. Can't wait to see what happens next time I am with a lover." ~ C.J.

"My life had gotten super busy and overwhelming and I was taking care of everyone except myself. I literally feel like I came back to life during that session. I felt my sexual energy and I hadn't felt it in literally years. I was giddy like a teenager and powerful like a lioness. Charu made me feel loved, beautiful and at home in my body again. I wish I could do an intensive every time she comes to town. So worth the investment!!!" ~ Miriam

"Charu guided me through a strange array of practices that forced my body into a totally new space. I felt alive in my whole body in ways that I literally NEVER remember feeling in my whole life. Everything was tingling and I felt glad to be alive. By the time we got to the more subtle practices, I was feeling like everything was vibrating and I had a sensitivity to pleasure in my body that I did not know was possible. I am excited not only for having a partner one day to share this with, but also just for how I feel it changing me in general. I didn't know that something I would do for my sexuality would make me a happier more vibrant person." ~ Michael