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When you fell in love with your partner, relating was easy, but how does that love translate months or year down the line while handling the ins & outs of daily life?

Make time and space to reinvest in your partnership by creating a practice that will awaken the passion you have for one another, reintroduce you to the person you fell in love with and give you tools to continue to deepen in life & lovemaking with your partner.

Miss that ‘honeymoon’ feeling? That ‘I want to rip your clothes off just because I am close to you’ feeling? Miss that sexy side of your partner that was so easy to see when your love was blooming, but now it somehow seems like they have hidden it… you know it’s there, but you can’t always see it?

Coaching with Charu is the perfect antidote for you IF:

  • You have gotten tied up with daily life (money, kids, work, business, etc.) and your love-and-intimacy tank at an all time low
  • Or maybe although it’s still great between you, you would love to find a way to take it even deeper, maybe even juicier than when you first met?
  • You are caught in a loop of quarreling and bickering that is creating more distance between you.
  • You are so good at ‘manifesting’ and leading a ‘spiritual life’, but your partnership somehow isn't reflecting your enlightenment.

Everyone longs to be closer and feel the vibrancy of our love in partnership.The problem is that in our society we have no tools and no successful models of how to keep a partnership nourished and alive over time.

In fact, we are in a culture that encourages us to focus primarily on work and accumulating ‘stuff’… so much so that a meeting which will bring financial gain is often prioritized over special time with our lover, 40+ hours a week are devoted to work and maybe a few hours are devoted to our partner…. usually squeezed into a ‘date night’ and some sex when we are already exhausted (if we are lucky enough to get to it before we crash for the night).

There is good news!

It is easy to have a consistently rich and delicious, sensual, hot relationship- once you have the tools!

No one has taught them to us because most people (including our families) have not been exposed to these simple practices.

Couples coaching with Embody Tantra will take you on a journey that will unlock the patterns and open you and your partner to another way of relating and experiencing pleasure.


Getting Started with Couples Coaching

If you’re feeling a ‘Yes’ and want to take the next step, great!
Both you and your partner need to fill out and submit the application below.
Charu will review your applications and we will reply to you within a few business days.

Couples Coaching packages start at $3500
Packages include 10.5 hours of working one-on-one with Charu to achieve your partnership goals,
A BONUS gift of Rediscovering Love in 5 Weeks Couples Home Study course ($697 value),
as well as private access to Charu via email and phone for extra support when needed.


Charu’s schedule only allows her to work with 5 clients at a time ~ due to her limited availability and the nature of this work, it is absolutely essential that both you and she feel that working together via private coaching is the right fit. As Charu reviews your applications, she gets a sense of where you are and what your personal goals and desires are at this moment.

If she feels that private coaching could support you, we will then schedule an interview with Charu to see if working together in this way is the best way to meet your personal goals. During the interview you and your partner can get answers to any questions you have about coaching and Charu can recommend a package option and next steps.

If Charu does not feel like personal coaching would meet your intentions and desires, you will receive an email from us with recommendations that will lead you in the right direction.

Yearning for More but Not Ready for Coaching?

That’s ok! Charu created her couple’s home study course Rediscovering Love in 5 Weeks as a wonderful, juicy and effective program for couples who want to explore this work at their own pace.

Rediscovering Love in 5 Weeks includes many of the same techniques that Charu teaches couples in private sessions! It is a beautiful way to begin your practice together at a smaller initial investment (only $697). Plus you can go through the course at your own pace or over and over again, giving you extra time to practice and integrate what you have learned.