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Dear Shaktipreneurs,

This will give you:

  1. Links to ALL recordings
  2. All attachments with follow-up notes from our sessions
  3. All 3 links to the Activate, Open & Awaken videos (your Bonus).


Recordings of ALL calls:

  1. ?eventid=21141570
  2. ?eventid=21237645
  3. ?eventid=21238086
  4. ?eventid=21238212
  5. ?eventid=21238275


FREE GIFT 'Activate, Open & Awaken Series':

Here are the links to the Activate, Open and Awaken web pages, I recommend making these part of a weekly practice!: aoa-e34z9/activate aoa-e34z9/open aoa-e34z9/awaken


Module 1-5 Follow-up/ home-play/ Summary:

class #1 Shaktipreneur.doc

Module 2.doc

class #3.doc

Module 4.doc

Module 5.doc


in love,