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Awaken to Your Body


In just 7 weeks become the vibrant, magnetic, alive woman you have always known you could be. In this 7-cd set we will be exploring how knowing our body, and awakening our sexual energy or life-force energy is essential to embracing and moving through life in our true power.

Rediscovering Love in 5 Weeks


Make time and space to reinvest in your partnership by creating a practice that will awaken the passion you have for one another, reintroduce you to the person you fell in love with and give you tools to continue to deepen in life & lovemaking with your partner.

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It can seem like a nearly impossible maze to make your woman (or the woman you desire) happy and sexually open to you. Learn the tools that not only change the way women respond to you, but also unlock new levels of pleasure, power and stamina within your own body.