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Do you wish you could 'crack the code'
to a rich, deep relationship?

A relationship where you and your beloved
meet in true partnership, which stays passionate,
and where you are both deeply satisfied?

Discover rare insights and practical tools
to create the relationship you have always longed for,
but have no idea how to create.

Imagine if you had the tools to handle the ups and downs of relationship...

What if you could stop wondering if you had done everything you could to make a relationship work?

What if you could feel truly 'met' by your partner and let go of the constant nagging that something is wrong?

Imagine falling asleep happy in the arms of your beloved after a night of rich connection and lovemaking.... looking into your partner's eyes and seeing the man you fell in love with no matter how many years you have been together or what you fought about over breakfast.

But right now, that feels like something you saw in the latest romantic comedy that will always be out of reach for you.

Right now you feel lonely (even if you are in a partnership).

You haven't felt sexual or sensually alive in a long time. Or worse – you feel it, but you don't feel met by your partner or by the men you have dated. And you're frustrated because you have done everything 'right'. You've taken your 'spiritual journey'.

...But your spiritual enlightenment isn't translating into your intimate relationships and you feel stuck, reliving the same patterns over and over...

No matter what you try, you just don't feel fulfilled...

If you're anything like me, you've probably spent years reading every self-help book under the sun, doing 'The Work' of Byron Katie, chanting mantras and posting affirmations on every surface in your house.

Maybe you've even done couples' therapy, or seen a relationship coach or sex-therapist... but these have only been Band-Aids, temporarily patching up your relationship until you fall back into the same cycles and start hitting your head against the same walls.

I've been there too...

Believe me, I know how excruciating it feels to try to do relationships differently. I know how challenging it is to embody the most authentic version of yourself with your partner. I know how difficult it can be to overcome your family stories.

I grew up in a super-conservative town where everyone was either divorced or drinking to try to mask the unhappiness in their relationships. My parents went through a messy divorce when I was three years old and I had never even seen a couple whose relationship I admired.

Even the 'happy' couples I knew seemed to be missing something... I could feel the compromise and the ways they had left parts of themselves behind in order to have a 'successful' relationship.

I hated the idea that in any long-term relationship the honeymoon eventually ends and the passion dies out. I hated that boredom had become the best-case scenario. And I hated that these had become universally accepted truths.

There had to be a better way.

This was NOT okay with me. I felt passionate about exploring relationship and I have always believed that relationship can be our greatest teacher.

I was determined to discover a new way of being in relationship – one that didn't require shutting down or making myself smaller to fit in.

Over 10 years ago I discovered an ancient path of meditation. But, unlike most paths of meditation, this path included the mystery and magic of human interactions and sexual pleasure as part of a spiritual journey. This path is called Tantra.

Tantra changed everything for me...

Tantra gave me the tools to tap into something deeper within myself ~ something that I always knew was there, but had no idea how to access. It gave me the key to unlock the possibilities within relationship and lovemaking that before I could only dream about.

Now, as a woman living in relationship for almost eight years, I find it's a continuing journey to keep redefining and exploring.

I take on this journey in partnership with my beloved, and it's one that I hope will never end because of its depth and richness.

That's why I created:

Tantric Women in Relationship explores how the wisdom of Tantra translates into modern relationships, paving a new path of possibilities for women who have witnessed only mediocre partnerships, and crave of something more.

I was moved to do this series because of my own awakenings and challenges in relationship. I have had no strong role models of relationships that 'work', and those mediocre relationships that seem to 'work' are uninspiring to me.

But through Tantra I have seen and experienced possibilities between two people that are completely out of the context of our society's model for relationship. This delights me, but it also raises new questions.

What if you could hear from a 'sister' who has been there?

I would love for all of us to talk openly about the riches that we experience – both what we know is available to us, as well as the unenlightened moments where relationship can reveal harsh truths that we had safely hidden from ourselves.

Ultimately, I have found relationship to be my greatest teacher. It has the power to expose me completely, to reveal the best of me and open doorways to awakening that I have not felt anywhere else. It also has the power to humble me and highlight the parts of me that are controlling, judgmental, tight, etc. 

I want to share with other women the power of this path of love.

Tantric Women in Relationship is designed for women like me who are dedicated to their personal practice, dedicated to living intimacy and longing for sisters on the journey.

"I loved listening to Tantric Women in Relationship. Each woman told her own unique story of bringing her full self to her partnership and how that supports her in bringing her full self to the world. I appreciated hearing the great variety of what it means to each woman to practice with her partner and how important it is to have her own personal practice.

I came away with practical tools, practices and perspectives to navigate difficult times in partnership as well as reach greater levels of connection and pleasure. The women were all wonderfully open and honest and each really conveyed her own unique embodied experience of tantra."

~Peggy, Boulder, CO


"I experienced this series at the perfect time. I am reminded that relationship is the best teacher for deepening into the truth of who I am. The interviews inspire me to be authentic, courageous and in touch with my reality vs. fantasy. I like the blend of open dialogue and practical tools to bring into my relationships."


Here's where I help you to create the relationship you've been longing for...

Tantric Women in Relationships is a series of four powerful interviews which share tools and techniques that you can start using NOW to transform how you show up in relationship.

You will learn:

The single biggest secret to creating a relationship that is authentic for you.

Methods for staying vibrant, sensual and connected to yourself within partnership, so you don't give in to losing yourself or playing small.

The things our parents didn't tell us about long-term partnership, and how knowing them can stop us from repeating their destructive patterns.

How to love and trust your partner as he is, not as you want him to be.

Support with navigating through our own past sexual experiences and trauma.

Healthy ways of handling conflict and challenge within partnership.

A toolbox of super-simple Tantric practices that you can tap into both on your own and with a partner to enhance and deepen your connection.

Meet the Tantrikas...

Antoinette Asimus of Tantra Heart

"People often ask how my partner, Richard, and I became involved with our teaching and coaching. Married for 29 years in 1996, we were committed to keeping our relationship exciting and alive. Knowing that sex was important for us, we began reading books and watching videos about "better sex." In our exploration Tantra appeared. Wow! Sex and the divine! In the subconscious we knew that high pleasure, intimacy and orgasming were as God would be. We never imagined that all of cosmic existence was available through the Tantric practices of uniting sex, heart and spirit." ~ Antoinette

In Antoinette's interview you'll learn:

  • The biggest secret to creating a fulfilling long term relationship.

  • How you and your partner can support each other through life's hurdles.

  • How to create a daily Tantric practice that fits your lifestyle and relationship.

  • How to build bridges of desire, rather than settle into the boredom of routine.

  • Why a sexual relationship is essential to long-term partnership.

  • What to do when one person is feeling like making love and the other person isn't interested.

  • A 5-minute practice to connect to yourself and start to awaken your sexual energy.

Nita Rubio of Embody Shakti

"Tantric relationship is not just about navigating the difficult moments, there is so much more pleasure available than we have been conditioned to expect."

Nita is an ordained Priestess with Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood, a mystery school based in subtle body energetics, Goddess herstory, shamanic work, sound and ritual skills. Nita is a master teacher of the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power of which she has been joyfully teaching for over 13 years. Nita has been successfully weaving in the threads of her continued education in the female wisdom lineages of Tantra into her current work with the grace and permission of her teachers, Vajra Ma and Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati. Nita creates a safe and sacred space for women and men to delve deeply into the wisdom of their bodies, illuminate this wisdom for deep meaning into their own lives and create a link from classroom to worldly life.

In Nita's interview you'll learn:

  • How to recognize your own body as spiritual text.

  • How to easily reference your 'internal compass' to make grounded, guided decisions in any situation.

  • How to experience a deeper, more authentic relationship by letting go of 'happily ever after' and showing up to meet reality.

  • A 5-minute practice to tune into your womb.

Lexi Fisher AHA Tantra

Lexi's passion is to explore how alive, vibrant, healthy, and ecstatic can we be in our bodies. This quest has taken her to Asia and the Orient where she studied Yoga, meditation, martial arts, and eastern healing methods. She has spent much time in nature, studied herbs, western healing techniques and chiropractic, various types of dance and Tantra Yoga.

For fifteen years she studied and practiced Tantra in a monogamous relationship with Kip.

In Lexi's interview you'll learn:

  • How to use Tantra to heal from the sexual trauma that is holding you back in your current intimacy and relationships.

  • How to consciously commit to partnership, rather than letting things get comfortable and stale.

  • How to create a personal practice that sustains you and nourishes your connection with yourself.

  • Techniques for handling conflict in your relationships.

Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati

Parvathi was born in India into a family with ancient lineage of Yoga and Vedanta. Throughout her entire life she has studied Tantra in-depth. Her unbroken lineage traces back to a teacher who is said to have written one of the first Tantric texts. She met her husband in Italy by chance. They had both been immersed in different intensive spiritual work, they continue their studies and practices independently and together.

In Parvathi's interview you'll learn:

  • How to craft a daily practice.

  • How you can access states of consciousness not available to a person on their own through being in a committed relationship.

  • How to re-orient and prioritize your life to support your deepening practice.

  • A 5-minute practice to reconnect to what it means to be female ~ to uncover what is blocking our truest expression of ourselves.

BONUS Audio:

Charu & Martin talk Tantric Lovemaking

What is Tantric Sex? What is it like for a couple to prioritize lovemaking? Is it possible to still lust after and enjoy one another after several years in partnership? What are the key practices that make sex 'Tantric'?

In this interview, Martin & I talk about our personal experience of lovemaking, how we experience it within our partnership, how we support our clients in experiencing it for themselves and some simple key elements that you can bring into your lovemaking to take it to the next level (whether you are single or in partnership).

Here's what you'll get:

The Audios:

  • 4 audios of interviews in a downloadable Mp3 format with Tantric experts sharing their personal experience in relationship (each audio includes a 5 minute practice guided by the expert)

  • Downloadable transcripts of each of the interviews for visual learners


  • Charu & Martin talk Tantric Sex ~ intimate Mp3 audio about their personal sex-life as well as how you can enhance yours

These interviews will give you a 360 view not only of what Tantra is all about, but it will also give you insights into the journeys of real women, and how this work affects their relationships.

And best of all, because these are all downloadable mp3s you can get started on your Tantric journey anywhere – in the car, on a hike, in a café – wherever you can take your ipod!

"This interview series is truly a treasure. Every time I listen to these amazing women I learn something new, hear something differently… I’m finding that hearing these women share how they navigate relationship has given me permission to nurture my feminine self as a top priority. This is a totally new way for me to approach and experience relationships. I look forward to listening again and again and learning more and more!"

~Karyn C., San Antonio, TX

Getting started is easy...

Listen, the great news is that I've done all of the hard work for you. I've spent the better part of 10 years traveling the globe and seeking out the most authentic and devoted Tantric practitioners... 

I sought out women I could relate to, women whom I trust AND even found ones who are living in long-term committed partnership (not always easy! Some Tantrikas choose to be solitary and some choose not to explore partnership in depth).

I've brought you the easiest first-step into Tantra on the planet! Listening to these audios is like enjoying girl-talk with several amazing women who are having the kind of relationship that you know is possible.

It's not that they can do it better, they just have tools that support them in creating these partnerships. And in this interview series they share those tools with you so that you can create the partnership you've been longing for.

This interview series is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to try something new in relationship.

  • You are open to getting 'naked' and vulnerable with yourself and your partner (whether you are currently in relationship or not).

  • You are dedicated to creating a relationship that breaks the mold of what your parents had.

It's not right for you if:

  • You are looking for a magic pill that will instantly fix all of your relationship issues.

  • You are determined to blame all your relationship issues on 'him'.

  • You are not willing to put more time or energy toward nourishing yourself.

  • You like thinking there is just something wrong with you, and that's why your relationships don't work.

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"I absolutely loved these interviews! As a budding Tantrika in a relationship with a man who isn't really into Tantra, I was feeling frustrated at not being 'met'. These interviews really encouraged me to get some perspective and be grateful for where he is, and for all of the ways that he's such an incredible support in my life.

I especially loved Lexi's interview - I was in awe of her vulnerability and openness as she shared about her story and relationship, and there were several things in this interview that I could easily integrate into my own relationship (whether he's into Tantra or not) - now I just can't wait to get started!"

~Jacqui, Melbourne AU


"Before listening to this series, I thought I knew what tantra was but after listening to it, I really FEEL what tantra is....from the foundation started in India hundreds of years ago to how it looks/feels in a 42 year marriage.

I knew I was drawn to the work and to Charu. I was looking to deepen my spiritual practice and open my heart more fully to give and receive love and Tantra is that catalyst. Hearing these women be so open and share what Tantra is to them and how it shapes their lives has inspired me. They are showing me what is possible if I continue on this journey and I plan to keep jumping in"

~Rachel, Los Angeles


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